In an age where an average employee is spending most of his/her waking hours in an office, the workspace has become the center of attention in a way it wasn’t before.

There is a surge in creating a new kind of workspace that is less intimidating and more welcoming to be in. Hence, there is the need to brighten up the general ambience of the office, giving due consideration to the comfort of the employees that work there.

A dull and uncomfortable workspace can be the death of productivity, an encouraging work environment can increase the efficiency of the employees that work in that space. Therefore, it becomes essential to take necessary steps to brighten up and make your office look amazing. Here’s a list of 5 ideas to help you:

Keep the Workplace Clean:

Since you and your employees will be spending a majority of your day here, make sure the place is neat and tidy at all times. A clean workplace keeps the mind calm and creates a healthy and peaceful working environment (Not to mention that it creates positive energy that eases the employees into their work!) A dirty office is a work hazard that the employees shouldn’t have to deal with.

If your office is growing, or you don’t seem to have enough time keeping up with cleaning yourself; Employing a cleaning service can help your office in achieving this. There is a huge market for commercial and office cleaning services in Calgary that can come to your rescue. Office Cleaning Companies in Calgary offer many janitorial services like Window Cleaning, Floor Care, Parking Lot Sweeping, tidying, etc.

First tip to brighten your office - keep it clean!


There is no point in having a ton of office stationery and files if you can’t find them when they’re needed. Not being able to locate things on time hinders work, reduces efficiency, and disrupts the workflow of many good employees.

A well-organized office doesn’t just look attractive but adds to the quality of the work being done (many studies have shown a correlation with clean and organized communities and increased standards and productivity.) Decluttering is an essential aspect of organizing your workplace.

Author and thought leader Tim Ferris says, “An external mess creates an internal mess in terms of mental state.” A well-organized workplace is an important key to increasing the efficiency of work.


Nothing speaks unconventional like Art does. The good old motivational posters on your wall probably need a break from preaching teamwork. Getting some trendy, and interesting wall art, paintings, (little quirky) desktop accessories, to give a few examples, can go a long way in making your workplace look unconventional and fun!

For instance, instead of going for regular mugs to hold your office stationery, find some unique and funky-styled boxes or some creative wall shelves to keep stuff. It brings a bit of humour and a feeling of home to the office.

The best thing about Art is that it starts conversations. That unique wall piece you got for your office could be the next icebreaker that makes a new employee feel like he/she belongs there or closes that next deal. That’s the thing about Art. It brings people together. If you get a touch of aesthetics and art in your office, you will soon realize that there is nothing a bit of creativity can’t achieve.

Bring In Some Colour:

A bland office produces bland employees, and bland employees produce bland work. Bring in a bit of colour and nature into your office.

Get some potted plants for your office. Indoor plants would be a good option as most of them need little care and purify the air in the room they occupy.

If Indoor plants are inconvenient due to any reasons, you can also go for nicely printed out plants. Printed plants have a similar effect on your mind as actual plants, and you can keep changing the posters regularly depending on the mood and the season (rose plant one day and the tulip the next.)

Apart from some greenery, painting walls with happy, cheerful colours can also get the deed done (steer clear of hospital paints as the only thing they will accomplish is to tire your employees out psychologically.) Colours can be exciting, so use them to keep up the energy in your workplace.

Tip 4 YYC Clean - Cleaning Calgary

Figure out the best lighting for your workspace:

The best option is to have a large number of windows, small and big windows to let in fresh air and some exciting views. They will also make the office look more spacious than it actually is.

Windows will bring in a lot of natural light which will keep the employees awake at work. If you don’t have a lot of windows or bright natural light, use fluorescent lights as they are proven to be correlated with higher productivity and alertness in the work environment.

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If you follow these ideas, your office will be a much better place to work in. The most important thing is to be creative. Don’t be afraid of experimenting. Keep trying again and again until you find the best décor that makes you and your employees happy at work. A fantastic looking office can make its employees proud to work there.